Liquid assets

We invest globally in a portfolio of listed securities, mainly equities and fixed income. By focusing on liquid positions, we aim to achieve a high degree of flexibility in managing our assets. Our investors have also granted us the possibility of investing in less liquid opportunities, so that, thanks to our long-term investment horizon, we can harvest the typical illiquidity premium that such opportunities present.

The listed investment activities are managed by Inter Fund Management through three teams,  Asset Allocation, Equity and Fixed Income, under the leadership of the Chief Investment Officer (CIO).

Our investment approach is as follow:

  • Asset allocation is the starting point
  • Top-down focus using macro and valuation based economic analysis
  • Dynamic, global and unconstrained perspective
  • Capital-protection awareness
  • Opportunistic and even contrarian approach at times
  • Valuation-based
  • Cost-conscious also when implementing investment ideas
  • Team based investment approach
  • Long horizon when deciding on strategic exposures