Corporate governance

We believe good corporate governance begins with having co-workers who share both our culture and commitment to continuously strengthen our group as a reliable and trustworthy partner. Among other things, this means leading by example and always staying close to reality and our businesses.

We also recognise that governing structures, risk management and internal control are core functions of a successful business and decisive for our ability to uphold trust towards our many stakeholders.

Board of Directors

Inter Fund Management Board of Directors has a suitable composition namely in terms of professional skills (knowledge, understanding and experience). Its members collectively have a thorough understanding of all the Company’s activities and exposures as well as of the economic and regulatory environment IFM is exposed to. They also have a clear understanding of internal governance mechanisms and their responsibilities.

Senior Management

The Board of Directors has entrusted four employees of Inter Fund Management as Conducting Officers respectively in charge of the Portfolio Management, Compliance & AML/CFT, Risk Management, Valuation and the IFM branch. The Conducting Officers are responsible for the daily activities of the company.

Risk and Compliance Committee

The Risk and Compliance Committee has been appointed by the Board of Directors of the Company to oversee the compliance, risk management and internal/external audit functions of IFM and its Alternative Investment Funds and to provide an independent reporting structure for the oversight of the internal control procedures.

Valuation Committee

The Valuation Committee has been appointed by the Board of Directors of the Company to oversee the valuation of all assets and investments as well as liquidity issues.

Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee has been appointed by the Board of Directors of the Company and supervises and approves decisions regarding remuneration of the senior management, risk management and compliance functions.

Governance & Policy Commitee

The Board of Directors has appointed a Governance & Policy Committee and entrusted it with a task of periodic review and update of the Policies as well as drafting and implementation of any new policies to the extent necessary.

The Committee in its work ensures that the Policies reflect the legal and regulatory requirements, the business operational model of the Company and the Funds, and are in the best interest of the Company and the Funds.