The investment objective is to provide long-term attractive risk-adjusted returns through investment in a diversified portfolio of non-listed assets.


The assets are primarily composed of equity instruments, but will from time to time also include debt instruments. The investments are mainly done in funds together with strong and business minded partners. We also do a number of co– and or direct investments.


To achieve our investment objectives, we strive to handpick qualified entrepreneurs and support them with capital. We stay close to our investment relationships and interact constantly with our partners. We aim to support them with our historical expertise and knowledge and add value to businesses in order to ensure long-term success. We strive to build long-term monetary value, but we also strive to contribute to building good and sustainable businesses for the future.


  • We believe in long-term partnerships with the right people to build better companies that, over time, hopefully, will resist cycle downturns.

  • We believe in investing globally.

  • We believe in constantly promoting simplicity so that we can become a more responsive counterpart for our partners.

  • We believe in focusing our energy and our resources on a selected few transactions that come from both bottom-up and top-down.

  • We believe in being open-minded which lets us dare to be different at key turning points in the investment cycle focusing on the long term prospective.