At IFM we believe that financial markets over time will present attractive investment opportunities for investors with

a strong investment strategy and process.

At our core we are value investors. This implies that, for the vast majority of our investments,we will target those assets

which we view as trading at prices which show a distinct discount to what we would class as fair, longer-term value. Complementary to this is our focus on quality.

Our main focus of activity is in liquid, listed assets across the globe and in all capital markets. However, our investors have granted us the possibility of investing also in less liquid opportunities, so that, thanks to our long-term investment horizon, we can harvest the typical illiquidity premium that such opportunities present.

In managing mandates, we aim to maximise returns with prudent risk taking. When and if we judge caution should be taken, we will modify and diversify the portfolios with a capital preservation mind-set and could thus deviate substantially from benchmarks. This approach is incorporated also in light of the long-term horizon of our investors.

Our mandates include guidelines on Social Responsible Investment and avoidance of any stocks/issuers from producers of cluster munitions as forbidden by the Oslo Convention and Luxembourg law.


Our investment approach is as follow: ​

  • Asset allocation is the starting point

  • Top-down focus using macro and valuation based economic analysis

  • Dynamic, global and unconstrained perspective

  • Capital-protection awareness

  • Opportunistic and even contrarian approach at times

  • Valuation-based

  • Cost-conscious also when implementing investment ideas

  • Team based investment approach

  • Long horizon when deciding on strategic exposures

Our owners have granted us a number of key mandates:

  • Global Developed Markets Equity

  • Global Emerging Market Equity

  • Global Fixed Income

  • Global Asset Allocation

  • Distressed/Enhanced Debt

  • Cash Management